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Welcome to BeagleMINAtor

Welcome to BeagleMINAtor, a MINA Network validator node. Behind this validator there is neither big money nor a big organisation, but just love for the technology and belief in MINA project.

The technology of BeagleMINAtor

BeagleMINAtor is located in Finland, in an ultramodern data center of Hetzner Online. Yet close to Helsinki, the center is actually located amongst fields and farms near a small town named Tuusula. To ensure the performance and reliability of the node the newest type of dedicated server in the stack with 4 x AMD Milan EPYC 7300 CPUs was selected to do the job. Later in the mainnet fully launched the node will also be backed up by a similar VPS in Falkenstein, Germany.

Finland is the promised land of data centers and known also for its thick undersea fibers (C-Lion project) to the rest of the world, so maximized band and minimum latency to the rest of the world are guaranteed. Did you know that there are huge Google and Yandex data centers in the small country of Finland?

Validator security

The validator is protected by strict firewall rules and having the standard ssh connection blocked. A tailored shell script is continuously monitoring the VPS status like CPU load, RAM and disk usage as well as the validator status and performance in one minute interval. There are different text message alerts sent in case of anything alarming noticed.

Delegating fee

The maximum fee (not really for making business but for covering the server costs) will be 4%.

The node operator

The validator is run by Anttu, a MINA community member. Anttu is a Finnish IT engineer, Linux/crypto hobbyist, entrepreneur and a father of five. When not at keyboard or with his family Anttu goes distance running - often barefoot.

The logo? She is Essi the Beagle, born in August 2017, Anttu's running partner and probably the kindest dog on Earth.


In case of questions about delegating, the current state or strategy of BeagleMINAtor - or anything related, feel free to contact @anttut at Telegram or Anttu#1200 at Discord.

Let your MINAs thrive

Welcome to stake your MINA tokens to Antorai here.